Friday, September 28, 2007

A Treasure Island Sunset and Moonrise

September and October seem to offer some of the most spectacular sunsets here on the Florida Gulf Coast beaches. This is because of the cloud formations that drift around in the Gulf during the early fall.

To create the most beautiful sunsets, tall cumulus clouds are necessary, with some stratocumulus and some high cirrus for good effect. Heavy banks of flat, grey stratus hanging on the horizon will most usually mute the sunset, or obscure it altogether. During the spring months, there is often a thick fog or haze on the horizon, and during the summer months there are often large thunderstorms and thick clouds out over the Gulf that block the sunset.

This particular evening found some flat heavy clouds partially obscuring the sunset. But I took some photos of a cruise ship sailing across the beautiful pink glow of the sunset.

Some of the most beautiful effect of a sunset are seen in the water and in the colorful glow of clouds far away from where the sun is actually setting.

After enjoying the sunset, I turned around and saw the full moon rising in the east.

Every sunset is different, and when you can see the sun set and the moon rise at the same time, well...what more do you need?

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mushroom Cap Jellyfish Photos

Frequently, visitors to my Florida Beaches website,, will send in photos of jellyfish they've encountered in hopes that I can help them identify the creature. I'm no jellyfish expert, but I'm getting better at making identifications.

Recently, H. Tiner sent in some photos of a jellyfish she photographed on La Costa island in southwest Florida. I've identified it as a Mushroom Cap Jellyfish (Rhopilema verrilli). It's the first one of it's kind that I've seen. So with her permission, I've posted the photos to my jellyfish page so everyone can see.

You can see the photos of the Mushroom Cap Jellyfish here.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Late Summer on Pass-A-Grille Beach

Well, it's Friday! I've been working hard this week so I decided to spend some time at the beach today and do a little snorkeling and just relax. We've had a brisk northeast breeze for the last few days, so the water is really calm on the Gulf side of the islands and the breeze helps to alleviate the effects of the 90+ degree heat.

The water temperature is still a balmy 86 degrees and the beach is very relaxed, with only a few people out on the sand. I found a beautiful Lettered Olive shell in the shallow water. There were very few shells on the beach, so it was a nice surprise to find this one.

It was a beautiful morning. Going in for a swim always relaxes me and puts me in a better state of mind for the rest of the day.

See you on the beach!

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day = Beach Day

We got out of the house a little earlier than usual today and took a drive out to Treasure Island, which is less than 15 minutes from our house. The new Central Avenue bridge is now open and no longer has a toll. We parked at the public access at 104 Ave, which is one of the few FREE beach parking lots in Pinellas County (other than in Indian Rocks Beach).

Even at 9:30am it was nearly 90 degrees. Some people were just leaving the beach after their early morning walk (smart people), and others were already in the water to escape the increasing heat. Others sat on the balcony of their beachfront hotel/resort and looked out over the wide beach.

There were a lot of terns on the beach this morning, resting from their morning fishing activities.

Whatever you did today, I hope you got the chance to relax a bit.

See you at the beach!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Florida Panhandle Beaches Photos Coming Soon!

Soon I'll be adding several new pages to I'll be putting up photos and info from my trip to the Florida panhandle beaches back on August 15, 16, & 17. Above is a teaser photo from the pier at St. Andrews State Park beach. I'll have info on the following beaches:

  • St. George Island

  • Mexico Beach

  • St. Andrews State Park beaches

  • St. Andrews Pier

  • Grayton Beach State Park

Should be up in a few days...

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Night photos of Pass-A-Grille, Florida

I thought I'd share a couple of interesting photos I took one evening in Pass-A-Grille, Florida, on St. Pete Beach.

The first one was taken just after sunset, looking north. You can see the bright pink Don Cesar Resort on the right. The Gulf of Mexico is quite calm.

The second photo is of the Merry Pier on a very breezy evening. The Merry Pier is on the east side of the island at about 8th Avenue.


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