Saturday, May 10, 2008

Caladesi Island Beaches

Caladesi Island State Park has one of the best beaches in the state. The Island has no roads, no cars, no buildings other than a few service buildings for the park rangers, and no one lives on the island. There is no bridge to Caladesi, so the only way to get to it is by boat. This keeps the crowds down to a minimum.

Fortunately for those of us without boats, a ferry to Caladesi leaves regularly from Honeymoon Island State Park, just a 20 minute boat ride from Caladesi.

Chosen by Dr. Beach as the number 2 beach in the nation in 2007, Caladesi has a lot to offer those of us who like to get away from the crowds and commerce and just enjoy a nice quiet beach and see some nature.

The beach on Caladesi is not raked and manicured like most other beaches in the area, so whatever washes up remains for curious beachcombers to sift through in search of shells and other gifts from the sea.

After you've walked the 3 miles of completely undeveloped beaches on the island, and snorkeled in the shallow Gulf waters, you might like to have a look around the island via the loop trail that leads through a beautiful maritime forest of native pines, cabbage palms, oaks, and cedars. There are plenty of birds and wildlife to keep your attention.

I've just added several pages of photos to Why not check them out? I even have a cute video of one of my favorite animals, the armadillo, sniffing around for a grub.

Caladesi beaches
Caladesi Island Nature and Shells
How to get to Caladesi Island


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