Monday, December 12, 2005

Florida Beaches book review

beach guide cover photo.jpg
On November 23rd, 2005 a review of my Florida Beaches book was published in The Islander, Anna Maria Island's newspaper. Here is what they had to say:

David McRee has just published a new book about beaches, including Anna Maria Island-- "Florida Beaches--Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast." It's a pretty nice guide to all things found on the beach, both good and bad: Good sunning spots, nice amenities, sting rays and rip tides.

McRee offers some personal tips that can only come from actually going to most of the beaches, too, always a nice touch in what is sometimes not a touchy-feely vein of reporting these days. It's not surprising he knows of what he writes, though, as he's a third-generation native of Bradenton.

Consider these thoughts about the Manatee Public Beach:

"A concrete pier built for erosion control extends for 150 feet or into the Gulf. When I was a teenager, we carried our surfboards out to the end of the pier, threw them into the water and then leaped in and climbed on. It saved us the arduous paddle through the surf. Fishermen could always be found trying their luck or skill from the pier, day and night. Times change, though. The pier has been rebuilt after storm damage. Now it has railings and warning signs. Jumping off the pier is no longer tolerated. Progress."

So true.

The book includes maps, pictures and lots of helpful tips for beaches from Dunedin south to Marco Island. Cost is $19.95, and it's available online at

It was a nice review and I appreciate the mention in their newspaper. The only thing I would note is that for some reason the article suggested that I went to "most of the beaches." I actually went to ALL of the beaches. Many times.