Monday, December 25, 2006

Red Sky At Morning

...Sailor Take Warning...Have you heard this old wise weather saying? Supposedly a red sky early in the morning portends foul weather and sailors should stay in port. How often have you seen a red sky in the morning? Red skys are usually reserved for sunsets, at least here in Florida. Well, this Christmas morning I awoke to a deep red glow emanating from my white bedroom curtains. I looked out upon the most ominous red sky. Dark red clouds were whisking by with a strong south wind.

I went to my computer and looked at Sure enough, a very heavy squall line associated with a cold front was right on our doorstep, and nasty, windy weather was upon us. Then I checked out a local beach web cam and managed to capture the above image, which is quite accurate as to our Florida Christmas Red Sky at Morning.

Merry Christmas!