Tuesday, November 21, 2006

BeachHunter.net Finds a Niche in Florida Beaches

I started BeachHunter.net several years ago out of my desire to share my knowledge of Florida Beaches with like-minded folks. Do a search on "Florida Beaches" using Google and most of the sites that come up in the search results are big commercial sites full of banner advertising and links to affiliate travel programs. It's hard to find real information on the beaches. In fact, many of the photos featured on Florida Beach websites were not even taken in Florida! I've seen many photos taken of coconut palm-fringed beaches in Tahiti passed off as Florida beach photos.

Not so on BeachHunter.net. I take all the photos on location right here in Florida. My reviews of the beaches and the islands are based on reality, not tourism promotion. If it stinks, I say so.

Lots of people send me email telling me that looking at the photos and reading the descriptions on BeachHunter.net has helped them make a decision about which beach to vacation on. Some people are just sick of looking at gray skies and snow all day and love to look at my beach photos to bring back memories of their vaction and help them make it until they are once again stretched out on a sunny beach in Florida.

So stop by and visit awhile at www.beachhunter.net and get your Florida Beaches fix.

Surf's up, dude!


Florida Gulf Coast Surfing Winter Season Heats Up

After all the predictions of the killer hurricanes that would destroy Florida in 2006 because of "Global Warming," there was hardly a puff of wind all summer in the Gulf of Mexico. It was one of the most boring surfing summers ever in the Gulf.

But the winter season is off to a great start. Late November has produced some very nice swells in the Gulf, but with the daytime highs in the 50's this week you have to wonder about this Global Warming thing. We could use a little heat now.

To keep up with gulf surfing, visit Gulfster.com for St. Pete area info, and nxtcsurf.com for surf reports on Anna Maria Island near Bradenton, FL.

Gulfster also has a great archive of photos of each swell, going back quite a few years.


Florida Beaches Guidebook Review

About a year ago while displaying my new guide to Florida beaches at the St. Pete Times Festival of Reading, I met Lisa Ciurro. Lisa stopped and introduced herself. She reviews books and films and is based in Tampa, Florida. I sent her a copy of my book and she recently posted a review of it on her book review site, www.TampaBookBuzz.com.

One thing I've learned since becoming an author is that not everyone who reviews books knows what they are doing. Some book reviews really don't give the reader much information. But Lisa did a great job and is a very good writer.

Check it out: Florida Beaches Book Review by Lisa Ciurro