Friday, September 28, 2007

A Treasure Island Sunset and Moonrise

September and October seem to offer some of the most spectacular sunsets here on the Florida Gulf Coast beaches. This is because of the cloud formations that drift around in the Gulf during the early fall.

To create the most beautiful sunsets, tall cumulus clouds are necessary, with some stratocumulus and some high cirrus for good effect. Heavy banks of flat, grey stratus hanging on the horizon will most usually mute the sunset, or obscure it altogether. During the spring months, there is often a thick fog or haze on the horizon, and during the summer months there are often large thunderstorms and thick clouds out over the Gulf that block the sunset.

This particular evening found some flat heavy clouds partially obscuring the sunset. But I took some photos of a cruise ship sailing across the beautiful pink glow of the sunset.

Some of the most beautiful effect of a sunset are seen in the water and in the colorful glow of clouds far away from where the sun is actually setting.

After enjoying the sunset, I turned around and saw the full moon rising in the east.

Every sunset is different, and when you can see the sun set and the moon rise at the same time, well...what more do you need?

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Anonymous said...

Dave; You have cut me very, very deep, and poured salt into the wound. I am 1000 miles from that beach. Keep up the good work my beach hero. I value each and every report.

5:42 PM  
David McRee, --BeachHunter said...

Thanks, Dan. Always glad to hear from fellow beach lovers, no matter where they may be.

6:21 PM  

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