Closest beach to Orlando


Florida Gulf Beaches Pros vs Cons

 gulf beach



  • Clearer, calmer, gentler waters.
  • Nice selection of shells on most Gulf beaches.
  • Few or no problems with jellyfish.
  • Beaches are white quartz sand.
  • Rip currents are rare or nonexistent.
  • No cars allowed on the beaches (except for beach patrol/police).
  • Great sunsets!

gulf beach sunset
Photo: Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico on Pass-A-Grille Beach.



  • Traffic congestion can be a problem at times.
  • Demand for beach parking sometimes exceeds the supply of spaces.
  • Water temperature drops into the mit to upper 50's during January thru March.
  • Gulf is further from Orlando than the Atlantic Ocean is.

Shells on a Florida Gulf Beach
Photo: Shells on the Florida Gulf coast's Pass-A-Grille beach.