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jellyfish sting protection lotion

"Safesea Jellyfish sting protection" (click to order from Safesea website)

Many jellyfish stings and sea lice stings can be prevented or reduced in severity with Safesea Lotion when it is properly applied. Safesea is a sunscreen lotion with an ingredient that protects against sea lice stings and provides protection against jellyfish  BEFORE they sting you. You can buy Safesea online.


What is Safesea Lotion?

Safesea is a sunscreen product that combines sun protection with jellyfish sting protection. It has been shown to be effective against the most common types of jellyfish and against "sea lice" which are actually the larvae of Thimble jellyfish. You can also get SafeSea lotion without the sunscreen ingredients.

Safesea has not been tested against every type of jellyfish, but it has been tested against some of the most common and has been show to be very effective.  As of this writing, SafeSea has NOT been tested against man-of-war, box jellyfish or the deadly Irukandji jellyfish and should not be relied upon to protect against those species. You should never intentionally come into contact with jellyfish, especially the Portuguese Man-o-war or other types known in your area to be especially dangerous.

Florida does not generally have jellyfish that are considered "deadly." However these jellyfish pages receive visitors from all over the world and I want to provide the most complete information possible. Florida does not have the extremely deadly Irukandji Jellyfish found in Australia and other Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands. We do have box jellyfish that give a very strong sting, but they are not considered as dangerous as the Pacific box jellyfish.

Do not depend on SafeSea or any other product to protect you against the really dangerous jellyfish. Avoid any contact with them. The best protection against jellyfish is to avoid them.

More helpful information about dangerous Australian box jellyfish.

How does Safesea Lotion protect against jellyfish?

Jellyfish sting by coming into contact with your skin, which triggers the firing of "nematocysts," which are like tiny little harpoons that inject jellyfish venom into your skin. Jellyfish can sting you even after the jellyfish is dead and washed up on the beach. Safesea has ingredients to prevent the nematocysts from firing when they touch your skin. This is huge. I've had several emails from people recently who were stung by sea nettle jellyfish. Had they been using Safesea they could have avoided the pain and inconvenience. Visit the website to find out more about the clinical testing and the results people have experienced.

Safesea should not be used on children younger than 6 months of age.

stinging jellyfish swimming in the Gulf of Mexico Left: This photo of a sea nettle jellyfish was contributed by Tami Swain. It was about 200 yards off Caladesi Island in the Gulf. She was stung by it, or another like it. This one appears to have tentacles trailing several feet behind it. Tami says the tentacles wrapped around her ankle when she was swimming. Tami writes: " I can only describe it as having an electrical wire wrapped around your skin with someone hitting the “on” switch.  It lasted for about ½ hour and finally faded.  Now I only have some small little redmarks to show for it."  ...Thanks to Tami for sending thisphoto!