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I (David McRee) created BeachHunter.net to provide accurate information to people who love Florida beaches and want to know more about them. Do a search for "Florida Beaches" on Google or Yahoo. What you will find are hundreds of web sites with information on hotels, restaurants, tours, travel packages, and Florida real estate. You could sit there and click your mouse all day and barely cobble together any meaningful information on the beaches themselves. How frustrating! So I created BeachHunter.net to give you some great info, some photos, and some very helpful links. I'm also using it to let people know about my book Florida Beaches: Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast. 

It is not necessarily my intent to encourage more people to come to Florida. There are already more coming than we can handle. Rather it is my intent to steer them to the right place; to help them find what they are looking for, and to educate them on the natural beauty we have along the Gulf Coast. We need people who love and respect the natural environment and who will do their part to help preserve it. Otherwise, in15 or 20 years, there won't be anything worth coming to see, and the beach- seekers will look elsewhere for clean beautiful beaches (there are many other choices nearby).

Through my writing, my photography, and this website, I am sharing my intimate knowledge of the beaches and islands of Florida's Gulf Coast. I'm a third-generation Florida native and have lived in the Bradenton / Saint Petersburg area all of my life.

In 1996, after some years of very stressful work and college, I decided to explore all of the beaches of west Florida just to have some fun and get out of town on the weekends. The beach guidebooks I was able to locate did not serve me well in my attempt to locate public accesses,  so I decided to write one myself. I spent the next nine years visiting, photographing, and writing about every Gulf beach access on the Gulf coast from Dunedin to Marco Island. (I have not yet covered the Florida Panhandle beaches). In July 2005, my book Florida Beaches: Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast was released and has been well received by visitors and residents.

Media can find more detailed info (author bio, press releases, book review, author photos) here.

To find out all the important details about all the beaches on the lower Gulf Coast of Florida, consider purchasing my book: Florida Beaches - Finding Your Paradise on the Lower Gulf Coast. It covers all the beaches from Dunedin to Marco Island, more than 96 named beaches. It has 176 pages, 25 maps, and 48 black and white photographs.