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The Point-of-Rocks neighborhood on Siesta Key near Sarasota, Florida, takes its name from an outcropping of flat, smooth, limestone rock on the beach.

Point-of-Rocks panorama. Siesta Key, Florida.

Point-of-Rocks forms a natural boundary at the south end of Crescent Beach. It is a very quiet residential neighborhood tucked away from all the traffic of the main road. The neighborhood has lots of trees and beautiful tropical foliage, and you may find it difficult to leave once your vacation is over.

There are plenty of vacation rentals here within a few hundred yards of the beach. There are only a few with direct beachfront exposure because Point-of-Rocks only has a few hundred yards of beachfront. It is a small neighborhood of just a few square blocks.

Choosing a vacation rental here puts you within steps of fantastic beaches, and you are still convenient to stores and restaurants. Sarasota and its cultural attractions, shopping, and nightlife is just a 5 minute drive over the bridge. If you want to do some snorkeling, or if you have kids that like to poke around in the shallow water, Point-of-Rocks is the perfect place. You are also right next to Crescent Beach, which is a beautiful white sandy beach.

Typical beach vacation rental in the Point of Rocks neighborhood, Siesta Key, Florida.

This is a typical vacation rental in the Point-of-Rocks neighborhood. It's about half a block from the beach.

Just a few steps north gets you away from the rocks entirely. You can keep walking all the way to Siesta Key Public Beach if you want to. The beach is wide and firm and flat, so you can also ride a bike on the beach here. It's a great beach for running too. I used to come here to run at night occasionally. Many residents walk the length of the beach every day for exercise and relaxation.

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Point-of-Rocks Road, Siesta Key, Florida.

This is Point-of-Rocks Road and is about half residents and half vacation rentals.

Seawall at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

The seawall marks the southern boundary of Crescent Beach and the beginning of Point-of-Rocks. You can see some of the flat rocks just off the end of the seawall.

To get to the rocks from the south end of Crescent Beach you have to either walk in the water (it's only waist deep) or you have to walk along the seawall (pictured below). Sometimes it's impossible to get around the seawall onto the Point-of-Rocks beach without getting your feet wet, depending on the tide and the condition of the beach. It can be impossible when the surf is up.

Clear water and seawall at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

Above you can see the part of the seawall you have to walk on to get to Point-of-Rocks beach.

Enjoying the Gulf of Mexico at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

The rocks are flat and smooth and a little bit slippery in some places. This spot is never crowded.

Find out more about snorkeling at Point-of-Rocks on Siesta Key.

Point-of-Rocks beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

Point-of-Rocks beach is narrow, shelly and rocky. The stairs you see lead to private residences. Going on the stairs will cause you to get a visit from the police. For the best results, stay down on the beach where the people in the photo are.

Limestone rock at Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

The rocks provide a great place for kids and naturalists to explore. Lots of interesting marine life.

Point-of-Rocks scene, Siesta Key, Florida.

All of the beach access at Point-of-Rocks is private.

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