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Crescent Beach, Florida is located where Clark Road connects Siesta Key to Sarasota. (Clark Road is also called Stickney Point Road). This area is packed with beach resorts, from multi-story condominiums to smaller single-story rental resorts, hotels, and motels. Most of them rent by the week, but that doesn't mean you can't find a daily rate.

Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

Not only is there a small village of shops, restaurants, and local service businesses in the Crescent Beach area, but Sarasota is barely five minutes away. This is a big plus if you want to enjoy some nightlife, or enjoy the cultural attractions of Sarasota.

Below is a wide-angle view of the southern section of Crescent Beach. To the right you can see a few of the flat limestone rocks that characterize and define the area known as Point-of-Rocks. To take the below photo I'm standing on one of the rocks that extends out into the Gulf a short way. Note how shallow and clear the water is. Also note how many beachfront vacation rentals there are. None of them is extremely tall, but some have three to five levels.

Crescent Beach & Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key, Florida.

Crescent Beach has particularly beautiful water. As on all of northern Siesta Key, the water is calm and shallow and has very few shells. It is one of the safest and prettiest beaches to swim in all of Florida. Below is a typical day at Crescent Beach.

Clear water on Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

The southern border of Crescent Beach is called Point-of-Rocks, and has an unusual outcropping of flat, smooth, limestone beach rock. The rocks extend for some distance out into the shallow water and create some of the best snorkeling in southwest Florida. The water here is so beautiful you have to see it. I've got a good picture of the water and the rocks below. The rocks are only located at Point-of-Rocks at the south end of Crescent Beach. They will not interfere with your swimming or beach activities on Crescent Beach.

Point-of-Rocks beach, Siesta Key, Florida.

There is very limited public access to the beach on Crescent Beach because of a severe lack of parking. Parking on the local streets is prohibited. Most of the people you see on the beach are either locals who walked or biked, or they are guests of the many resorts on Crescent Beach. The resorts are packed in tight here and some of them are fairly tall. This is quite a contrast to northern Siesta Key.

Crescent Beach resorts, Siesta Key, Florida.

Crescent Beach is somewhat narrower than the northern Siesta beaches, but the sand is still very white and powdery. It is not at all difficult to walk all the way from Point-of-Rocks to the Siesta Public Beach and back. You could make a round trip walk in about an hour walking at a fairly leisurely pace.

To look at some specific vacation rental properties in the Crescent Beach area, I recommend that you visit

Beach scene, Crescent Beach, Florida. Siesta Key.

Beach scene on Siesta Key's Crescent Beach. Florida.

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