Hollywood Beach, Florida panorama

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Hollywood Beach, Florida

hollywood beach, fl scene with lifeguard tower

Hollywood Beach has about 5 miles of golden-brown sandy beaches, about half of which are accessible from the 27-foot-wide Hollywood Beach Broadwalk. The broadwalk is two-and-a-half miles of pavement that runs along the beach, passing in front of the open-air Hollywood Beach Theatre, and giving access to the many shops and restaurants as well as the beach itself. Coconut palms are numerous enough to lend a tropical feel, and the art deco design of many of the mom & pop hotels reminds you that you are in south Florida, not too far from Miami.

The ocean off Hollywood Beach is a beautiful blue-green color and is quite clear most of the time. There is usually no surf here because most of the open ocean swells are blocked by the Bahama Islands. The major concern here would be from the occasional jellyfish or from seasonal sea lice (thimble jellyfish larvae). Check the lifeguard stations before going in the water. If there is a purple flag flying, inquire.

Hollywood Beach is accessed from Sheridan Street (822) from I-95, or from Hollywood Blvd. (820). Sheridan Street takes you right to North Beach Park, while Hollywood Blvd takes you right into the heart of Central Beach.

The Broadwalk begins at in the north at Sherman street and its southern end is at Jefferson Street. However, north of Sherman street, the Broadwalk connects to Simms Street, which continues north in front of North Beach Park for another 1500 feet or so. It is like an extension of the Broadwalk and is closed to cars.

The central district is where all the action is. It is busy, but lacks the edgy, ostentatious, high-priced feel of Ft. Lauderdale. There's a lot crammed into a two miles of beachfront (see the panoramic photo at the top of this page). Streets are very narrow, parking is tight. Walking or bike riding is the best way to get around. You could spend your entire vacation right there on the Broadwalk and never run out of things to see or people to watch. Mostly there are a lot of small older hotels and beach apartments for rent, but there are a couple of nice hotels along the Broadwalk. If you need to "get away from it all" for a couple of hours, or for the day, just take a short drive up to John Q. Lloyd State Park in Dania and you can find plenty of beach for yourself. Or if you want some glitz and glamour, Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale is just minutes away. If you just want some shaded picnic tables and a place to set up a barbeque, head on over to North Beach Park.

If you want to do some fishing, or just check out another beach access in the area, head over to Dania Pier and Ocean Park.

Hollywood Beach, Florida. With lifeguard tower and palm trees.
Above: A typical Hollywood Beach scene: The broadwalk, beach and palm trees on an August day.
Hollywood Beach, Florida's golden sand beach
A view of Hollywood Beach looking north from North Beach Park with the Dania Pier in the distance. The pier looks closer than it actually is because of the telephoto lens I was using. The big condos in the distance, beyond the pier, are actually across the inlet on Ft. Lauderdale Beach.
Hollywood Broadwalk
The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is a very busy place. Lots of people walking and riding bikes, while people cross back and forth between the beach and the restaurants and motels/hotels. It's a lot of fun.
Hollywood Beach Broadwalk
This is a great view of the Hollywood Broadwalk. I managed to find a short lull in traffic to grab this shot. The water is beautiful.
Mom & Pop hotels on Hollywood Beach. Art Deco.
Little hotels and motels are crammed in pretty tight along the central beach area. Parking is very tight. Get here early.
Art Deco Hotel on Hollywood Beach.
Above: This is a restaurant and tiki bar right on the broadwalk overlooking the beach. Lots of open-air dining and drinking.
Bikes are great transportation on the Hollywood Broadwalk.
Bikes are a great way to see the entire broadwalk. This is a little bike rental enterprise right on the broadwalk.
The Hollywood Beach Theatre is right on the beach.
The Hollywood Beach Theatre has regularly scheduled events. As you can see, it is just a couple of hundred feet from the Atlantic Ocean.
Hollywood Beach and lifeguard tower
Hollywood Beach has very good lifeguard coverage and plenty of space to spread out.
Hollywood Beach, Florida sand close-up
Above: This is an extreme close-up of the sand grains on Hollywood Beach. It is not pure quartz crystals like we have on the Gulf coast, but is a mixture of quartz crystals and lots of smooth polished shell fragments. It is these shell fragments that give the sand its golden-brown color. It's beautiful sand; sea turtles love to dig their nests in it.