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This little beach community is located about 9 miles south of Daytona Beach on Peninsula Drive. It lacks the high rises, but is being developed generally as a low-density community, with a few exceptions. The shining star of this area is Lighthouse Point Park. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Dr. Leatherman, aka Dr. Beach rated it as the 9th best beach in the US for 2007. It features an extremely wide beach and an extensive dune field. There is a healthy and extensive native plant community here where you'll find a diverse sampling of Florida native plants and wildflowers.

The Ponce Inlet lighthouse stationis also a prominent feature of the park that you won't want to miss. But really, the focus is on the beach and  the jetty. Fishing is very good on the jetty, and the day I was here I saw a very large barracuda chasing a school of mullet. People were catching fish left and right. The jetty is also popular with surfers because the surf is always a little bigger and better formed next to the jetty.


Lighthouse Park at Ponce Inlet is, in my humble opinion, one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. Absolutely.
My first view of the beach at Lighthouse Park. Wow! This is a beautiful beach.
Looking north from Ponce Inlet beach toward Daytona Shores and Daytona Beach.

The jetty is the focal point of activity at Lighthouse Park. Fishermen, surfers, photographers, sightseers, and plenty of excited kids having lots of fun make this park a much enjoyed spot.

Some fishermen climb out onto the rocks looking for the best spot to cast their bait.
The surf was really small this day, but a few determined surfers managed to get some pretty good rides up close to the jetty. I'll be bringing my board back here for sure this fall.
A mile or so north of Ponce Inlet is a little town called "Wilbur-by-the-Sea." Here's a look at their beach.
Driving toward Ponce Inlet on Peninsula Drive, there are areas without much development other than a few beach houses. It won't be this way forever.


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