Rest Beach - Key West

I'm not sure what to make of C.B. Harvey Rest Beach Park. The beach is narrow, not particularly attractive, and seems to attract a lot of people with dogs. It's right next to the White Pier, which was built on a scale that seems unimaginably large for such a small beach. If you stand at the entrance to the White Pier, facing the beach, Rest Beach is to your left, and the western (and least used) portion of Higgs Beach is to your right. Neither beach had many visitors the day I was there. Everyone was a half-block further east at the main portion of Higgs Beach.

The White Pier (referred to by some as "the unfinished road to Cuba") is low and large and is worth walking out on just to take in the coastal view of southern Key West. When the weather is calm the water is clear and beautiful. The day I was there the wind was strong and blowing onshore, so the water was a bit cloudy.