Higgs Beach - Key West

Key West's Higgs Beach (more properly Clarence S. Higgs Memorial Beach) is adjacent to Rest Beach. Both are just up the street from the better known Smathers Beach. Higgs Beach runs along Atlantic Blvd between the White Street Pier on the eastern end, and Reynolds Street on the western.

Higgs Beach is actually a pretty nice beach. It has shady coconut palms, a cute little pier, several pavilions, a volleyball net, a funky beach vendor with a beach shack like Robinson Crusoe, a curvy sidewalk along the beach, and a restaurant right smack on the beach. It's a very laid-back vibe. Parking is free and if you can't find something right in front of Higgs Beach, there is a larger lot up the street by Rest Beach.

Higgs Beach has covered concrete picnic tables, but on the day I was there they seemed to be taken over by homeless folks who were using them for "office space," or for taking a nap.

The big plus for Higgs Beach is that it is very close to the heart of Key West. It's also right next to the Key West Garden club, which has a beautiful garden right on the beach. It's worth a look and it's a nice way to get out of the sun.