Bahia Honda State Park Beaches

It's generally unanimous that Bahia Honda State Park has the best beaches in the Florida Keys. There are 3 named beaches in the park: Sandspur Beach, Loggerhead Beach, and Calusa Beach.

The visual focal point of the park, if it has one, is the old Henry Flagler railroad bridge that rises to quite a high elevation before it stretches out across the deep bay. A dirt trail leads up through the brush to the old bridge, which you can walk out on for some distance, and I highly recommend you do so. It is one of the most beautiful views in all of Florida. Don't forget your camera and camcorder.

Dogs allowed on the beach: No.

Lifeguards present: No.

Alcohol allowed: No.

Sandspur Beach

Sandspur Beach is the longest beach in the park. It faces the Atlantic Ocean. There is no surf because the offshore reefs block the swell and the water is very shallow, but the water can get choppy with a strong wind. During calm weather the water is crystal clear and very shallow. Because of the windward exposure, a lot of seaweed tends to wash up on the beach here. The beach has restrooms and covered picnic tables.



Loggerhead Beach

This beach is on the Atlantic Ocean side of the Henry Flagler railroad bridge. A short distance offshore is a rocky island, which is in reach of a kayak. Snorkeling is good around the island.


Calusa Beach

Calusa beach is on the Gulf side of the island and is well sheltered from the wind. There is generally less seaweed on the beach and the water is calmer. This beach also has covered picnic tables and is close to a large parking area, the marina, the dive shop, the bathhouse and the nature center.