Anne's Beach

Anne's Beach is on Lower Matecumbe Key at mile-marker 73.5, named after a long-time Matecumbe Key resident, Anne Eaton. Beach travel writers Parke Puterbaugh and Alan Bisbort ranked Anne's Beach as the second best beach in the Keys (behind Bahia Honda). I surely, but most respectfully, disagree.

Anne's beach is a beautiful wayside park. It's a great place to stop and relax, perhaps even have a picnic on your way up or down the Keys, but it's no destination beach. The beach is narrow and hard-packed. The water is too shallow for swimming, but is great for wading and perhaps for some basic snorkeling, although if you are used to snorkeling the reefs you wouldn't be interested in the sandy/grassy bottom here. It's a good spot for sailboarding or kitesurfing, launching a kayak, birding, or for just having a stroll along the boardwalk.

It has public restrooms and a shower / spigot to wash the sand and salt water off. There are two entrance ramps and two small sandy parking areas. The beach is close to the highway, so traffic noise is ever-present, but not overbearing. Pets must be on a leash.


Above: Picnic shelters on the boardwalk.

Above: A boardwalk passes through the mangroves for a quarter mile along the shore.

Above: Sand on the upper beach is composed of coral and shell.

Above: The wet sand is almost clay-like in some areas and tends to stick together. See below:

Above: The water is shallow a long way from shore off Anne's Beach.