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If you aren't from the states bordering the northern Gulf of Mexico, you may not have heard of St. George Island, Florida. This quiet, windswept Gulf island has the easternmost beaches of the Florida Panhandle (also known as Northwest Florida) reachable by car. St. George is right outside of historic Apalachicola, Florida and is a perfect complement to it. Life in this neck of the woods revolves around the Gulf and fishing, and you won't find fresher seafood anywhere. Scenic Highway 98 closely follows the coastline with tall pines on one side of the road and Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound on the other. St. George Island is way out in the Gulf at the end of a very long bridge, adding to its sense of isolation and quiet.


But St. George is no deserted island. Plenty of folks have found their way here and have built a vacation home (or two) on this long, narrow barrier island. Much of the island is developed with residences and vacation homes, and there are a few restaurants and a small commercial area where the bridge connects to the island.

When I visited St. George Island, I found that the water was clean, but not as crystal clear and emerald green as the water in Panama City and points westward. The sand is more of a light brown color, rather than pure white quartz. There aren't any trees on the beach, so no shade, other than several covered picnic pavilions at the public beach access and in St. George Island State Park, which is where I settled in for the afternoon and evening.


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Above: Boardwalks lead from the parking area to the picnic pavilions and to the beach at St. George Island State Park.

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Above: St. George Island public beach. A nice enough beach, and its free. See more of my photos of St. George Island public beach access.