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St. George Island Public Beach

Above: These beach fences are installed to help build the sand dunes, which help protect this very exposed and vulnerable barrier island from hurricanes. The wooden slats slow down the wind, which then drops the sand grains it is carrying, thereby slowly building the dune. The fence also discourages people from trampling the dunes and protective vegetation.

Above: The afternoon I visited St. George Island Public Beach there were only 2 other cars in the parking lot. Nice.

Above: There is no shade on St. George's beach, so covered picnic pavilions are a welcome addition to the beach.

Above: The wooden dune walkover makes it easy to get to the picnic pavilion and to the beach without trampling the dunes and vegetation.

Above: I'm not sure what to make of these beach row houses. A little space between them and a few trees would have been nice. Kind of overdoing it if you ask me.

Above: St. George's very relaxed beachfront is a big favorite of vacationers from North Florida and Georgia who don't like the big hotels and condos of Panama City Beach.

Above: The sand isn't pure white, but it is still very nice.

Above: The water is clean and warm in the summer. Bring your boogie board or surfboard, because they do get some small wave here quite often.

Above: This is the restroom facility at the public beach. Important, no?