Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crescent Beach, Siesta Key: Beachfront Rentals Galore

Although it may not appear so, Siesta Key probably has more beachfront vacation rentals than any other island on the lower Gulf Coast of Florida. There is something for everyone, and something for every budget. But without question, there is one thing everyone is here for: miles of gleaming white powdery sand and shallow clear water. That's what Crescent Beach has in excess. Despite the many people that visit every week of the year, the beach never really seems crowded. It's a quiet, family oriented beach, and is so flat that it's perfect for jogging, walking, bike riding, and even pushing a baby stroller. May 2006 has had outstanding beach weather, with daytime temperatures above 70 degrees, sunny blue skies, light to moderate breezes, and beautiful clear 80 degree Gulf waters.
crescent beach photo.jpg

April, May, and June are 3 of the best months to visit Florida. October and November are very good also, and the traffic and crowds are lighter.

If you are thinking of renting a place on the beach on Siesta Key, take a really good look at the Crescent Beach area. Crescent Beach is the area between Siesta Key Public Beach and Point-of-Rocks on Midnight Pass Road. It's about a two mile stretch of pure white sand. Take a look at some of my photos and descriptions at Siesta Key Beachfront Vacation Rentals

See you on the beach!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Point-of-Rocks, Siesta Key--Something Different on the Gulf

Choosing a vacation rental in the Point-of-Rocks neighborhood puts you within steps of fantastic beaches, and you are still convenient to stores and restaurants. Sarasota and its cultural attractions, shopping, and nightlife is just a 5 minute drive over the bridge. If you want to do some snorkeling, or if you have kids that like to poke around in the shallow, safe water, Point-of-Rocks is the perfect place.

For photos and more information, check out

David McRee--Beachhunter

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Siesta Key Village--Renting Paradise on the Beach

Siesta Key, near Sarasota, Florida, is divided into two very different stretches of beach. Point of Rocks, an unusual outcropping of flat, smooth, limestone rock separates the brilliant white powdery beaches of the northern half of the island from the light brown, soft, shelly sands of the southern half.

Siesta Village is the main center of activity on the northern half of Siesta Key and is withing walking distance of hundreds of beachfront vacation rental cottages, small hotels, motels, low-rise condominiums, and beach houses. To get a feel for Siesta Key, and to read more about why Siesta Key is such a great place why not visit

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sharks, Sting Rays, Jellyfish....AARRRGG!!!

It won't be long until the newspapers and television news shows start focusing again on the dangers that are waiting for you at the beach this spring and summer. Siesta Key beaches and Florida beaches in general are very safe, but there are some things that visitors may not be aware of that could put a damper on their vacation, or worse. Awareness is knowledge, and in this case, knowledge is free in the form of an ebook written by David McRee, a Florida Gulf Coast beach expert, author, and webmaster of

Join the many hundreds of people that have already downloaded their free copy. Download your free ebook by going to

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"How to Be Safe From Sharks, Jellyfish, Stingrays, Rip Currents and Other Scary Things on Florida Beaches and Coastal Waters," is a 70 page ebook with illustrations and photos that tells you what you need to know to help keep your Florida beach vacation a safe and happy one. It covers the following topics:
Rip Currents
Other Strong Water Currents
High Surf
Types of Surf
Boats and Personal Watercraft
Other Rays
Sea Lice
Alligators and Salt-Water Crocodiles
Red Tide
Water Quality and Harmful Bacteria
The Sun
Holes on the Beach
Shellfish Poisoning
Fish Poisoning (Ciguatera)
Crime and Personal Safety
Nile Monitor Lizards
Other Things that Bite, Pinch or Stab
Spiny Fish

Surf over to to download your free copy right now. And send copies to your friends and family members. Print out a copy to take with you on your vacation to Florida.