Saturday, August 11, 2007

Don't Forget Your Vacation Photos!

What's going to happen to all those fabulous digital photos you took on your vacation? Are they going to sit on your computer's hard drive where nobody can see them?

How many times have you had friends or family over and said, "sometime we'll have to show you our vacation photos. They are on the computer now and we'd have to boot it up." Or, "just log onto Flickr or Photobucket and then click on..." Sure, grandma is going to do that just as soon as she gets home.

Well did you know that you can easily have your photos arranged in a beautiful book like the one pictured above? What? You say you don't have time to put that together? Well then you should consider having my friend Maria help you out. She puts together beautiful photo books. I was amazed the first time she showed us the book she put together from the photos taken on her vacation to the Bahamas. Any time someone is visiting and they talk about their Bahamas trip, there is the book right on the coffee table for everyone to see.

Photo books are great for graduations, weddings, family history photos, baby albums, vacations, and any other event or memory that you can think of. Think of what a great gift a photo book would make. Can't think of anything to give a certain relative? How about a photo book?

And don't forget about home video. Have video of a graduation or wedding or vacation? Maria can take that hour or two of video and turn it into a viewable masterpiece with music and put it right onto a DVD. No more fast forwarding over the boring or embarrassing parts. We really enjoyed the video that Maria and Neil put together of their Bahamas vacation. They just brought the DVD over to our house and we all enjoyed it together. No more boring home movies! It looked totally professional.

Maria, and Neil (her partner) have been close friends of ours for several years. They are both very talented. Maria is going to put together a photo book of my family history photos. You see, my Dad has been collecting family history information for years and has a lot of great photos from the 1800's and early 1900's. They are disorganized and stuffed into folders and piled on his desk where no one can see them and appreciate them. I've been scanning them (Maria would do this too, but Dad is pretty protective of his photos, so I take my scanner to his home). When they are all scanned I'll send them to Maria and let her take it from there! Then my Dad will have a beautiful book with all the best photos from his collections.

Maria has a website at , so visit her website for more information how she can bring your photo memories to life, and send her an email if you'd like to discuss your project. It doesn't matter where you are located. Maria does lots of work for people in other states and cities. All made possible by email and the internet (and sometimes regular mail too).

She calls her business "A Nelmar Creation." Nelmar is a combination of "Neil" and "Maria".

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