Thursday, June 14, 2007

Siesta Key Beach Summer Algae

Today I had to go to Siesta Key to help with a video shoot for a freelance multimedia web project I'm working on. We were going to shoot some video of me snorkeling at Point-of-Rocks. Normally the water there is clear, clean and beautiful, but today a fairly heavy load of algae was washing up on the beach.

The algae was especially heavy near the rocks and the smell was overpowering. A front-end loader had scraped up a lot of the algae from the beach and dump trucks were hauling it away. Many truckloads were being scraped up.

Surprisingly, the beach was packed with people, who just avoided the worst areas, and continued to enjoy their day at the beach. There were also more snorkelers in the water than I've ever seen. I was especially surprised at this, since bathers were warned away from the water yesterday after several large hammerhead sharks came into the swim area chasing fish. Some people got really scared, thinking the sharks were after them. No one was injured, the sharks left, and life returned to normal on this quiet Siesta Key beach.

We spoke to several people on the beach, all of whom were in love with Crescent Beach, and wouldn't think of vacationing anywhere else. I certainly don't blame them.


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