Friday, June 29, 2007

Sea Turtles: You Never Know Where They'll Lay an Egg

When we think of sea turtles nesting, we usually think of a turtle crawling out of the surf onto a Gulf or Atlantic beach, digging a hole, and laying her eggs in the soft beach sand. But recently a loggerhead turtle nest was discovered on Bunche Beach, in the Fort Myers, Florida area.

Bunche Beach is actually a small sandy beach in innermost San Carlos Bay, across the way from the north end of Estero Island (aka Ft. Myers Beach). This beach is extremely popular with humans, mainly because you don't have to fight the traffic to get to the islands. It's also popular with kayakers because it's a great place to launch into a quiet bay.

A recent article in the News-Press gives the details about this significant discovery. It seems that Eve Haverfield of Turtle Time Inc. (a nonprofit that helps turtles), fought for years to prevent Bunche Beach from being open to dogs (dogs can disturb the nests). She insisted that this was indeed turtle nesting grounds. Opponents argued that a turtle nest had not been seen there in years. Well now Eve has been proven correct.

You see, loggerhead turtles don't reach egg-laying age until they have reached 10 to 30 years of age. Then they may return to the beach where they were born to lay their eggs. This particular turtle might have hatched from a nest on Bunche Beach back in the 1970's!

Read the article about the Bunche Beach Turtle Nest.

Bunche Beach is located off Summerlin Road, on the way to Sanibel Island. Turn left at the traffic light at John Morris Road and drive south for about a mile. The road dead-ends at the bay and there is a narrow sandy beach. The water is shallow and the bottom is muddy. It's more of a place to hang out and do some sunbathing, fishing, or kayaking. It's not really a swimming beach. And there is definitely no surf there. Last time I visited there were no restroom facilities.

Pets are not allowed.

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