Cheap Things to Do in Florida

Seems like everybody has to take the family to the Orlando attractions at least once. No matter how you arrange it, that is not going to come cheap. But if you've already gotten that out of the way and are planning a more down-to-earth vacation, there are a lot of things to do that are either free or extremely reasonable.

Surfers on Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Every city has historical exhibits and artifacts on exhibit and these are often free, or cost very little. Climbing a lighthouse is a lot of fun, even kids love lighthouses. Walking out onto a pier to get a different perspective on the water and coastline is fun, and you never know what the fishermen might pull in while you are there.

One of the most dependable sources of fun is the many science centers or marine aquariums around the state. You can see all kinds of native marine life up close, and gain a new appreciation for what is really out there in the sea.

Forts are another great attraction. Climbing the stairs to the top of a big limestone rock fort is a real blast, especially if you have a really good imagination. You can almost picture what life must have been like 150 or more years ago.

Nearly every coastal town offers various nature tours by boat. I highly recommend taking one of these. Perhaps a dolphin watch cruise, or a see-the-manatees cruise. Or maybe a shelling cruise, a sunset cruise, a snorkeling cruise...the list is endless. It would take you a hundred years to enjoy all the different free and inexpensive things to do in Florida.

It's not cheap to rent a jet-ski for a few hours, but how about renting a surfboard for the day? Better yet, sign up for an hour's surfing lesson from a pro, then spend the rest of the day learning and having fun. That's cheap fun and great exercise.

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