Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita)

The Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) can occur in very large numbers in one place. It is a beautiful jellyfish, and most reports suggest that its sting is so mild that only very sensitive people can feel it at all. Many people can touch this jellyfish without feeling a sting except perhaps on sensitive areas of the body. Others report a mild to moderate sting that may persist for more than half an hour.

Moon jellyfish on a Florida beach. Aurelia aurita.

This moon jellyfish has just washed up on a Florida panhandle beach.

Moon jellyfish in the inlet at Cape Canaveral.

Large numbers of moon jellys in the inlet at Cape Canaveral's Jetty Park.

Moon Jellyfish - Aurelia aurita - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida from David McRee on Vimeo.

Moon jellyfish washing up in large numbers on Cocoa Beach, FL.

This is what a mass stranding of jellyfish on the beach looks like.

Moon jellyfish nearly invisible in the water.

In clear water, a moon jellyfish is nearly invisible.


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