Jellyfish Mesoglea

jellyfish mesoglea tissue on the beach

Mesoglea is "jelly" in the jellyfish. When a jellyfish dies it decomposes quickly and is often torn apart by fish, turtles and rough water. The last part to decompose is the "jelly" or "mesoglea." It is often found on the beach, sometimes with fresh, whole jellyfish nearby.

Mesogleal tissue is usually clear or milky in color and is soft and jiggly to the touch. It cannot sting. The sun quickly dries it out to nothing. It takes on many different shapes, many of which are pictured on this page.

mesoglea from jellyfish
holding jellyfish mesoglea
decomposing jellyfish mesogleal tissue on the beach
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mesoglea--remains of dead jellyfish on the beach.

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