Box Jellyfish in Florida

Camera phone photo of box jellyfish by George Goatley of Boynton Beach, FL

Various types of box jellies may be found in Florida waters. They can give a very very painful sting.  The sting of certain varieties found in Australia can be fatal, but these are not found in Florida as far as is known.

In Florida, box jellies are most likely to be found in the Atlantic Ocean.

Finally I have an actual photo of a box jelly, sent to me in Dec 2007 by George Goatley. George was snook fishing at night from a neighbor's dock on the intracoastal waterway. They were using a light to attract fish. He noticed several jellyfish actively swimming in the strong current as though they were aggressively hunting for food. George knew how to pick up the jelly without being stung (don't try this at home!) and was able to take this photo with his cell phone camera. He said it weighed about a pound. He also sent a video of the jelly swimming. Click the link below to watch the video with Quicktime.

Box jellyfish video for Quicktime Player

Thanks for the cool jellyfish video George!

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