South Lido Beach Park, Lido Key, Sarasota

Ben Franklin Drive goes all the way to the south end of Lido Key, and ends at the parking lot of South Lido Park. Admission is free, and parking is free. On the way to the park you'll pass big hotels like the Harley Sandcastle. South Lido has several nice hotels right on the beach.

Other nearby beaches are Lido Public Beach and North Lido Beach

South Lido Beach on Big Pass. Sarasota, FL.

Having a picnic while riding jet-skis, fishing, and kayaking in Big Pass.

At the park there are lots of picnic tables, playground equipment for the kids, decent bathrooms, and picnic tables on the bay side, and overlooking Big Pass. Water currents are very strong here and I would not advise swimming. However, you will see some people venture into the water. There are NO lifeguards at this beach.It's nice for having picnics, letting the kids run around and play, sunbathing, and just enjoying the view of Big Pass and northern Siesta Key across the way.

South Lido Beach and Siesta Key, Sarasota, Florida

Beach shelter on South Lido, overlooking Big Pass. Siesta Key is on the other side of the pass.

South Lido Beach, Sarasota, Florida

The beach at South Lido Park.

Picnic area at South Lido Park, Sarasota, Florida

Picnic area at South Lido Park.

Sand/shell parking area at South Lido Park, Sarasota

Plenty of unpaved parking at South Lido Park.

Avoid swimming at South Lido Park in Sarasota, FL.

Swimming at South Lido Park is not a good idea.

Huge beach at South Lido Park, Sarasota, FL.

South Lido has a huge beach. Siesta Key is visible on the other side of the pass.

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