Sunday, July 09, 2006

Look Young Longer: Use Solar Protection

Since I spend so much time out on the beach, and since I've already had at least 5 tiny basal cell carcinomas removed from my back, I decided to do some research into sun protection products. I was in for some surprises.

First, I found out that I was fairly ignorant about the effects of the different types of solar radiation. You know, UVA rays and UVB rays. This is being brought to light in the media with the lawsuits now being brought against sunscreen manufacturers concerning product labeling and advertising.

Second, I found out that the best UVA protection sunscreen ingredient, used in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and South America, has not been approved for sale and use in the United States. However, I notice that it is possible to order it online (thanks to our friends, the Canadians!).

Third, I've discovered that there have been HUGE advances in sun protective clothing. Now you can even purchase t-shirts with a high "SPF" protection rating. T-shirts are notorious for providing poor protection from the sun. Especially white cotton t-shirts (which is what I always wore).

I'm providing the results of my research on my website,

You can see the sun protection information I've put together for you at


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