Monday, July 31, 2006

Free Wireless Internet on Clearwater Beach!

Are you so into the internet (like me) that you can't stand going on a beach vacation and doing without your email and internet surfing? Well suffer no more! Come to Clearwater beach And get your sun, your surf, your grouper sandwich, and bring your laptop with you. Or bring your PDA or WiFi enabled cell phone.

The Chamber is working with a local Belleair company called Neuvision to bring WiFi to Clearwater Beach.

Right now the wireless hotspot extends from Pier 60, south to where the old Adams Mark Hotel once was. Eventually the network will be expanded to cover almost all of southern Clearwater Beach, and will extend further north as well.

WiFi is designed mainly for outdoor use. The signal doesn't penetrate walls very well, so use it on the beach, by the pool, or at an outdoor cafe (plenty of those on Clearwater Beach).

The free wireless network is not protected by data encryption, so don't do any online shopping or expose any other sensitive information to the network.



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