Beach Gear for Beach Lovers

Beach Chairs, Sun Umbrellas, Beach Towels, Totes, Carts

A Few Words From BeachHunter

When I was a teenager my beach gear consisted of a towel, Hawaiian Tropic suntan oil, a leather visor...and that was it! Times have changed. People take a lot more gear to the beach because they want to be comfortable. Now I take 2 umbrellas with sand anchors, a beach chair, several beach towels, a cooler, a backpack or tote, and of course my hat and SPF 50+ sunscreen. And don't forget the surfboard or boogie board, mask and snorkel, raft, camera, books...

 I get so many emails from people wanting to know what to bring to the beach that I decided to create this page of ideas, with links to one of the best online sources for beach gear.  



beach chair

beach umbrella for sun protection

beach tent protects your children from too much sun

beach tote to carry all your personal items to the beach

Essential: Beach Chair

Must have: umbrella

Kid's beach tent

Roomy beach tote


Beach Umbrellas - Don't go to the beach without one!

Mrs. Beachhunter stays cool.

Beach umbrellas making shade on Pass-A-Grille Beach.

Beach umbrellas are now an essential part of your beach gear. With a good umbrella you can stay out on the beach longer and enjoy the day. Having the sun beating down on you all day really makes you tired and dehydrated. It's nice to have some shade so you can cool off.


Sand Anchor

The first problem you are going to encounter when you try to set up your beach umbrella is when you stick it into the sand. What are you going to do? Dig a hole? Hammer the top of the umbrella? No. You are going to use the sand anchor pictured at left. They come in plastic and metal. The plastic ones are a bit better because they do not rust. The model pictured is plastic (like pvc). They are about a foot tall. You screw them into the sand, using the handles at the top. Then you insert your beach umbrella and tighten the thumb-screw to hold it. This is the ONLY way to keep your umbrella from falling over when there is a breeze, or wind, which there almost ALWAYS is on the beach.


Beach Umbrella

Umbrellas come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices, so you can always find one to meet your needs. BeachHunter's Tips: Inspect your umbrella before you go to the beach to make sure it hasn't gotten damaged or ripped. Salt air is tough on umbrellas. You don't want to get to the beach and find out your umbrella won't stay open. I've seen it happen.

You can buy smaller chairs and umbrellas for your children, if you think they'd be happier with their own (left).

And you can get umbrellas that clamp onto your beach chair (right). Just don't get out of your chair on a windy day without closing the umbrella!


Beach Chairs

It took me a long time to learn, but a good beach chair is more comfortable than sitting on a towel on the sand. Sometimes the sand is wet, has lots of shells, or isn't as soft as you might like. A chair is a must if you like to read or just watch the people go by. has some great tips on picking the right beach chair. That can be difficult, as there are so many choices. I like the ones that fold up small and slip into a cloth cover.


Beach Cabana

A good beach shelter will protect you from both sun and wind. Lots of winter and spring days are great for laying out on the beach except for one irritating thing: WIND. That north wind can really put the bite on what would otherwise be a beautiful and sunny 70 degree beach day. This type of shelter will break the wind and the blowing sand, so you can relax and enjoy. This type of shelter works great against the sun during the mornings on the Gulf coast and during the afternoons on the Atlantic Coast.

Keep your children cool

Of course kids sometimes do better in their own shelter. That way they don't have to track sand all over Mom and Dad's beach towel. Here's a tip: Learn how to put up the tent BEFORE you get to the beach, and make sure you bring all the parts with you. Dad always gets stuck trying to put up the tent while everyone else waits impatiently.

Beach Cart with Wheels

Some of the beaches here in Florida are pretty wide. That means it can be a long hike from your hotel or condo, or car, to the water's edge. Hauling a lot of beach gear across the sand on a hot day is no fun. A good beach cart is the answer. I think the first people to use these were fishermen, to haul all their gear. Then the idea caught on. Now lots of people use them. If you have one of these, your friends will know you are serious about the beach.

beach pack for day trips

Beach Day-Trip BackPack

It doesn't take long to realize you're taking everything but the kitchen sink to the beach, and you're going to need something to put it all in. This is especially true if you are taking children to the beach. An insulated pack like this may be just the thing to get the job done.

Beach Towels

There are beach towels in all sizes and materials. My advice: get a big one. And don't think it has to be made from terry cloth. There are many other materials that may be more suitable to the wet, sandy conditions on the beach. Shop around. A good beach towel can last you a long time. But definitely get the terry cloth towels to dry yourself off with once you emerge from the water.

Rafts and Floating Chairs

Here on the Gulf Coast, especially during the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter;-) the Gulf is nearly as calm and smooth as a swimming pool. What could be better than floating in the water in a comfy chair raft? Get too hot? Just roll off into the water for a quick dip. Less effort = better.



Above is my video review of a really cool product that keeps your belongings off the sand. It's called the Pole-R-Bear. Check it out!