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Nighttime Photography

passagrillenightlights1.jpg (15799 bytes) From the jetty at Pass-a-Grille on St. Pete Beach you can see the lights from Redington Beach, Madeira Beach, Indian Rocks Beach, Clearwater Beach and more.

passagrillenightfishing.jpg (25434 bytes) Fishermen on the jetty at dusk, bathed in the glow of their gas lantern. Fishing on a dark pier at night is a lot of fun and is very relaxing. The rest of the world is dark and irrelevant. Your world is that little space illuminated by the lantern. The fish are mysterious hungry creatures, unseen and unknown, stealing your bait and  flipping their tails on the shining surface of the sea. The stars wink from above, the wind blows your hair, and only the water lapping against the rocks, and the laughing, friendly conversation of the fishermen breaks the silence. A meteor streaks overhead. A long-legged heron croaks from some unmapped quadrant of the dark sky. All is well in the universe.

hurricaneatnight.jpg (31016 bytes) The Hurricane: A mansion of a restaurant and bar on St. Pete Beach. Three floors and an outdoor patio right across the street from the beach. The roof deck is not a bad place to catch the sunset, especially if you feel the need to have a drink in your hand while doing so.

Added 11/04/05 John's Pass. Under the bridge a heron stalks among the rocks. The bridge structure takes on the orange glow from the restaurant lights along the pass. This is on the Treasure Island side, looking toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Added 11/04/05 John's Pass after sunset. The lights from the bridge start to compete with the sunset for color.

Added 11/04/05. John's Pass Boardwalk and Shops all lit up at night. This is the Madeira Beach side of John's Pass.

Added 11/04/05. Gators restaurant, with the "world's longest waterfront bar." On the Treasure Island side of John's Pass.