Little Gasparilla Island, Florida

Little Gasparilla Island occupies the southernmost 2.5 miles of the Palm Island/Don Pedro/Little Gasparilla island chain. It overlooks Boca Grande to the south. This island is a water-based community. The only way to get here is by private boat or water taxi. If you have access to a boat, even a kayak, you can visit the beaches because they are public below the "mean high water line." But the rest of the island is private. As always, be respectful of the local residents.

Little Gasparilla Island beach. Florida.

Little Gasparilla Island beach, looking north.

There are plenty of vacation rentals on the island, but no hotels, no stores, and no restaurants. Little Gasparilla is even more remote than Palm Island or Don Pedro. The beaches are not pure white because the sand has some minerals mixed in with the quartz crystals. As with most beaches, there is no shade on the beach.

Many of the owners on Little Gasparilla live in Miami or Lakeland. They buy here rather than buying on Marco Island because they are looking for something quieter. Some of the homes are weekend retreats and many are available for seasonal rental.

Little Gasparilla beach with rental house.

One of the most striking sights on Little Gasparilla Island is the beach houses built on pilings with the high tide washing right under the house! Plenty of shells on the beach too.

Although Little Gasparilla Island is connected to Don Pedro Island because the inlet that separated the two islands closed in the 1950's, there is no motorized access from one island to the other. There are no paved roads on Little Gasparilla--only sand trails.

You can walk on the beach from the southern tip of Little Gasparilla Island to the northern tip of Knight Island (Palm Island) at Stump Pass. It is a walk of about 7.5 miles.

Be sure to check out Palm Island and Don Pedro Island.

Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico on Little Gasparilla Island.

Although houses like these didn't start out with their front porch in the surf, gradual beach erosion has made it possible for some people to fish off their front porch.

Little Gasparilla Island beach with coquina shells.

Some parts of the beach have lots of shells. Others have fewer. These shells are live coquinas.

BeachHunter going for a swim on Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

BeachHunter enjoying the Gulf of Mexico on Little Gasparilla Island.

Canal-front homes on Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

The only way to get to Little Gasparilla is by boat. Everyone has a dock or access to one.

Road on Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

This is the closest thing you'll get that looks like a road on Little Gasparilla.

House with cistern for water collection on Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

Two things give away the likelihood that this house is on Little Gasparilla Island: Golf carts in the carport instead of cars; and two cisterns (water tanks) for rainwater storage.

Weekend boaters on the southern tip of Little Gasparilla Island, Florida.

The southern tip of Little Gasparilla is popular with weekend boaters, who pull right up to the beach. Note the bridge in the background. The bridge leads from the mainland to Boca Grande, which is immediately to the south of Little Gasparilla Island.

Little Gasparilla Island Beach, Florida.

Little Gasparilla Island Beach.

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