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There are 3 ways to get to Caladesi Island: Private boat, walk from Clearwater Beach (about 3 miles), or take the Caladesi Connection ferry service that operates out of Honeymoon Island State Park. To ride the ferry you have to take Curlew Road (Hwy 586) out of Dunedin and drive west. It will take you across the Dunedin Causeway to Honeymoon Island where you will have to pay an entrance fee. Then follow the signs (a few hundred yards) to the Caladesi Ferry. You buy a ticket for the ferry at a booth in the parking area, then wait for the next departure.

Caladesi Island Ferry en route to the island.

The ferry will take you on a relaxing 15-20 minute ride over the calm waters of St. Joseph Sound to Caladesi Island where you will disembark at the docks next to the concession on the bay side of the island. Then you will have a 5 minute walk across the island to the beach over paved sidewalks and a wooden dune walkover (boardwalk). You will pass restrooms and a water fountain at the halfway point. Beach wheelchairs are available from the park rangers.

Caladesi Ferry Schedule Information

The Caladesi ferry runs every day as long as the weather permits. The ferry departs every hour beginning at 10am. The last trip off the island is about 4pm, but on days when a lot of people come to the island, the ferry may run much later. When you purchase your ticket they'll tell you what your latest return time is.

If you arrive, for instance, at 3pm, they may tell you that you have to return at 4pm, or they may give you until 7pm. During the busier season it departs every half hour (there are 2 ferry boats). There is a 4 hour time limit for your stay on Caladesi. This is so everyone doesn't wait until the last ferry of the afternoon to come home and then have too many people to fit on the ferry.

Price: Check the Caladesi Island Adventure website for current prices Caladesi Island Adventure website.

Pets are not permitted on the ferry.

Coolers are allowed on the island, but alcohol is not. I highly recommend bringing your own drinks and snacks.

Pets are not permitted on the beach, but are permitted around the concession area if on a leash.

The taking of live shells is prohibited.

For more info call Caladesi Island Adventure at 727-734-5263 or

Visit the Caladesi Island Adventure website.

Sail Honeymoon rents catamarans and kayaks from the Dunedin Causeway. You can make the fairly short paddle to Caladesi Island, although it is cheaper to take the ferry to Caladesi and rent a kayak on the island.

The advantage to kayaking from the causeway is that you can stay longer on the island, since you are not subject to the 4 hour limit placed on ferry passengers, and you can go earlier in the morning. It is a half-hour paddle. I don't recommend it for inexperienced kayakers or on weekends when boat traffic tends to be heavy.

The first ferry of the morning does not leave for Caladesi until 10am. If you arrive by kayak or other private boat, you will need to pay a small per person admission fee when you arrive on Caladesi.

BeachHunter Takes the Ferry to Caladesi Island from David McRee on Vimeo.

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